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About Pierce Beekeeping Equipment

Pierce Beekeeping Equipment is beekeeper owned and operated locally here in Fullerton, CA.  But our products are sold and used all over the world.  Our biggest customers are here in the US, Canada,  Australia, Europe and Mexico.  We have recently exported knives to Russia and Serbia. Since our company opened its doors in the late 1950s, we’ve manufactured beekeeping products that last and last. Other companies may offer similar products, but ours come with the reliability of a two year warranty and top quality components. Along with outstanding customer support and advice.  Our company prides itself on providing the highest quality beekeeping supplies. Our knives are built to last many years. Our boxes are both nailed and glued and  are not sprayed, but brush painted with separate coats of primer and finish. Our frames are both glued and nailed. Our Hive tops and bottoms are made of premium lumber, not the pine everyone else uses.  For great products that will last and last, buy with confidence from Pierce Beekeeping Equipment.   
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