Deluxe Uncapping Tub Kit

Model #249

The complete kit includes a two-piece tub that nests within itself when you have finished uncapping your honey, a crossbar for nesting the frame while uncapping, a hardware kit, a tub cover, a grid to catch larger pieces of wax, and a honey gate for dispensing honey.

Deluxe Uncapping TUB ONLY

Model #251

Tub Cover Only

Model #252

Fits the Deluxe Uncapping Tub

Also used as a HIVE TRAY to transport frames during honey harvest

Crossbar Frame Rest & Hardware

Model #253


Honey Gate

Model #254

Replacement Grid for Uncapping Tub

Model #255

Tub Filter

Model #260

 For Deluxe Uncapping Tub Kit

1 ½” plastic, no adapter